SeaGard Marine Asset Protection

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The SeaGard monitoring service is designed to help prevent damage to SubSea Assets. The software used, which is supported by AIS data, can visualise all shipping activities near a clients asset. By creating protection zones around the asset we can monitor marine activity and reduce the associated risks. Our specifically designed algorithms will alert our monitoring team when vessels are showing behaviour which could impact our clients asset and the vessel concerned.

Our Company

SeaGard Ltd was formed due to a need for a dedicated marine asset monitoring and protection service. Using the most up to date technical software combined with generations worth of maritime knowledge, SeaGard aims to be a world leader in marine asset protection.

Our Services

SeaGard is the only service which provides a 24/7 dedicated monitoring team for the purpose of damage prevention to marine assets. Activities in the worlds oceans do not sleep: SeaGard doesn't either. By providing a dynamic and reliable service we can save any company with off shore assets time and money.

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