Subsea Cable Risk Consultancy

Seagard delivers subsea consultancy solutions in subsea cable risk management, installation assessments, and guard vessel mobilisation. Our subsea cable experience and expertise in submarine cable, renewable energy, and subsea interconnector sectors span over a decade. We have offered engineering and design assistance to asset proprietors and cable installation contractors.

Our comprehensive services cater to the distinct needs of our clients, empowering them to successfully design cable pathways, comprehend risk factors, facilitate installation, ensure vessel mobilisation, safeguard cables, and execute maintenance and repair work on their offshore wind projects and subsea interconnectors.

Seagard's unparalleled support extends to a diverse clientele, including developers constructing transmission assets, EPCI firms handling supply and installation, and OFTOs engaged in transaction evaluations or asset maintenance. Our proficiency in the field ensures that our clients receive the expert guidance they need.

Recent statistics from the insurance sector indicate that cable-related issues account for approximately 80% of claims by volume and around 75% of their value in the offshore wind industry. Seagard actively rectifies such problems and devises innovative solutions to prevent cable failures. Furthermore, we implement systems and procedures to avert their occurrence in the first place.

We conduct Fishing Activity studies to illuminate everything about fishing in the areas where cables are proposed to be laid. We conduct Desktop studies to understand all marine traffic working in the areas where cables are proposed to be laid. These studies can help identify potential risks to subsea cables. A significant part of these studies is historical AIS data analysis. We analyse historical AIS data to assess potential anthropogenic factors that may cause damage to subsea cables. Using GIS tools, we create visual demonstrations to show spatial and temporal trends for vessel movement to determine potential areas where subsea cables are at high risk of damage.

Stakeholder engagement is a vital part of our subsea cable risk consultancy plan. We deliver cable awareness to ensure that all stakeholders working near subsea cables know their existence. We work as liaisons between the subsea cable owners and marine stakeholders. 

Seagard delivers tailored services to meet our client's objectives, including designing cable routes, installing and safeguarding cables, and maintaining and repairing cables for their offshore wind projects. Our clientele ranges from developers constructing transmission assets to OFTOs conducting transaction reviews or maintaining assets; Seagard's expertise proves invaluable in every scenario, and our unique combination of extensive experience in offshore wind and subsea cable sectors ensures our unparalleled proficiency in the field.

Marine Liaison conducting subsea cable awareness

Subsea Cable Routing

At Seagard, our in-house cable specialists and geotechnical experts work diligently to safeguard the cable system's efficacy throughout its design lifespan. We meticulously review data such as site investigations, bathymetry, seabed mobility, and other potential hazards to create comprehensive cable burial risk assessments (CBRA) and evaluate the anticipated performance of available installation tools.

Our profound understanding of vessel movements and capabilities enables us to devise cable routes harmonising with vessel manoeuvrability. Drawing from our hands-on experience in addressing cable damage through our warranty services, we proactively mitigate potential risks during the initial stages of a project, thereby ensuring its long-term success.

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