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Seagard is here to keep your subsea assets safe and support your offshore project successfully. Risk management, project management, marine operations, and geophysical surveys are our four major services. We provide comprehensive asset protection and marine operation services throughout the whole life cycle of an asset. Seagard has the capability, the technology and the workforce to evolve to the forefront of the industry, whilst ensuring that integrity is never compromised.

Our Services

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Risk management

Risk management

For risk management and mitigation we offer the following services:

  1. Desktop Studies for Marine Asset
  2. Cable Risk Evaluation Studies
  3. Marine Liaison Services
  4. Fishing Activity Studies
  5. Mitigation Action Planning
Project management

Project management

In our toolkit for project management we offer the following services:

  1. Cable Route Planning
  2. Cable Burial risk assessment
  3. Cable protection planning
  4. Environmental impact assessment
Marine operations

Marine operations

Our marine operations include the following services:

  1. Guard Vessel Package: Guard vessel duties for subsea cables, pipelines and crossings during survey, laying and operation
  2. Support for Inspection, Repair and Maintenance of subsea infrastructure
  3. Support for mechanical asset covering procedure e.g. concrete mattress laying, rock berm
  4. Support for Subsea Cables: Pre‐Lay Grapnel Run and Route Clearance, Post Lay Burial and Inspection 
Geophysical surveys

Geophysical surveys

Through partnering with survey companies, we offer offshore support for geophysical surveys. Our vessel allows us to offer the following services to survey companies:

  1. Multibeam echosounder surveys, Side scan sonar, Marine magnetometer, and Sub-bottom profiler equipment in deep and shallow water
  2. Cable burial integrity assessments
  3. Cable route selection surveying 
  4. UXO surveys

“Why can’t all our vendors be this professional? This really is a good system and a company who are filling a niche requirement in an effective way.”

Director of Core Network Engineering, Virgin Media, Liberty Global Group

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