No one has been doing this longer than we have.

Seagard was the first team in the world dedicated to monitoring the world's ocean floor for the sole purpose of damage prevention to marine assets.

No one has been doing this longer than we have.

A Truly Global Brand.

Wherever and whenever we can, we meet with our stakeholders around the world - face-to-face.

This includes those that are actually travelling the seas.

Those that navigate the infrastructure we are so determined to protect. 

We learn from each other.


Our software has been around longer than any other player in the market - globally.

Supported by Automatic Identification System (AIS) data we are always on.

Every minute. Every day.

The Team.

Between Seagard Directors there are decades of high-end experience and expertise.

And with the enthusiasm and dedication of our support team, we are unbeatable.


Telecommunications. High speed, continuous access to data has never been more important.

Energy. Targeting uninterrupted energy supply to the offshore renewables, oil and gas sectors and International energy grids.

Environmental. Protecting of the diversity of life within our oceans is of great concern to Seagard. Highlighting and working to eradicate pollution and habitat destruction.

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