The Complete Marine Asset Protection Solution.

First and Longest.

Welcome to Seagard.

We were the first team in the world dedicated to monitoring the world's oceans for the sole purpose of damage prevention to marine assets.

No one has been doing this longer than we have.

Asset & Vessel Safeguarded.

Seagard’s MONITORING service is supported by a variety of data sources.

This facilitates clear visualisation of actual and anticipated risk and efficiencies throughout an assets lifetime.

Client assets and the vessels themselves are – as a consequence – safeguarded and managed.

Any Vessel. Any Location.

Seagard’s CHARTERING provision is global.

We work hard to provide Guard Vessels, Cable Patrol Vessels, Emergency Response Vessels and Offshore Support Vessels. All of these vessels types are integrated into our overall Asset Protection services packages.

If your organisation has a requirement that we’ve not covered here, please contact us and we will try to help.

Primed To Learn.

Here at Seagard we are primed to learn.

The ocean changes daily. And so must we.

This means that if there is information you need in your world, which does not yet exist in ours, we can RESEARCH - for you.

What would you like us to learn for you today?

Our Expertise – For You.

Seagard CONSULTING is an opportunity born from years of dedication to a single cause. The protection of essential subsea assets.

Such focus results in great expertise. An expertise that is now available – for you.

We welcome conversation around new ideas and projects requiring insights into the mapping of – and trends and cycles relating to – our ocean floor.

'Information Now'.

99% of the world's data travels via the ocean floor. And it is the secure and efficient transfer of this data that is transforming how we live.

This is an 'Information Now' age.

Telecommunications. Energy. Medicine. Environment. Education. Entertainment.

Uninterrupted global connectivity is saving time, money, marine life, human life - and even the planet.


Telecommunications. High speed, continuous access to data has never been more important.

Energy. Targeting uninterrupted energy supply to the offshore renewables, oil and gas sectors and International energy grids.

Environmental. Protection of the diversity of life within our oceans is of great concern to Seagard. We are highlighting and working to eradicate pollution and habitat destruction.

Why can’t all our vendors be this professional? This really is a good system and a company who are filling a niche requirement in an effective way.

Director of Core Network Engineering

Virgin Media, Liberty Global Group


1 April 2020

Keeping the World Connected: An Update on COVID-19.

Under the threat of the rapidly spreading COVID-19, the world is experiencing unprecedented pressures in learning to respond to and combat the growing outbreak.

The landscape of how we work is changing — with the heightened accessibility of air travel over the past several decades, many global...

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Keeping the World Connected: An Update on COVID-19.
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