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Seagard is here to keep your subsea assets safe and support your offshore project successfully. Risk management, project management, marine operations, marine asset management, and geophysical surveys are our four major services. We provide comprehensive guard vessel support, asset protection and marine operation services throughout the whole life cycle of an asset. Seagard vessels have the capability, the technology and the workforce to evolve to the forefront of the industry whilst ensuring that integrity is never compromised.

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Meeting the technical challenge and specific requirements for offshore support work

We expertly monitor and ensure the safety of clients' assets through the use of our monitoring software as well as the use of guard vessels. Our vessel is capable of accommodating crew members and survey teams and has many facilities and a survey room which makes data collection and analysis convenient. We are continuing to invest in more vessels to meet the demands of the remote and extreme offshore environment.

Reduced emissions from the offshore support industry are critical in the fight against climate change. We place a premium on the health of oceans as a priority. Our team assists in minimising the environmental impact that our company, offshore work, and associated activities have on the ecosystem.

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Our services

Adaptable and dynamic management of your assets

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Risk management

Seagard serves worldwide markets, utilising robust data analysis capabilities and years of experience to mitigate risk and safeguard marine assets. Our services have a wide range, from telecommunications and power cables to offshore support for oil and gas platforms and booming offshore renewable energy projects. Our full consideration, expertise and insight lay a solid foundation for projects.

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Project management

We provide comprehensive consulting and management services for the entire life cycle of marine projects. This includes technical studies for location/route planning and design, stakeholder relations and liaison services, scheduling and management of vessels, vessel operations, and environmental impact assessment. We serve clients from all over the world.

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Marine operations

Seagard's rich offshore experience will support you efficiently within budget. With the assistance of our survey vessel, charter fleet, and the 24/7 highly skilled team, Seagard is able to support marine projects immediately and guarantees clients' return on investment. We aim to minimise disruption of the services being offered by the assets we protect. 

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Geophysical surveys

Through partnering with survey companies, we offer offshore support capabilities for geophysical surveys. Our vessel is capable of accommodating 24-hour survey teams with a dedicated survey lab making data collection efficient and analysis convenient. Our vessel is also capable of deploying various survey equipment via moonpool, A-Frame and hull mounts.

“Why can’t all our vendors be this professional? This really is a good system and a company who are filling a niche requirement in an effective way.”

Director of Core Network Engineering, Virgin Media, Liberty Global Group
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