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3 December 2019

Keeping One Eye On The Weather

weather map

Did you know the weather plays a big part in cable monitoring? High winds and strong tides can cause vessels and fish cages to drag their anchors and run through buried cables. Tidal surges caused by tsunamis can cause cables to become exposed in a mobile seabed area.

That’s why Seagard keeps an eye on the weather throughout the world, so we can anticipate what’s to come. Our team have links to weather stations, read barometric charts and track storms, always aware of where they may be in line with vessel anchorages and cables.

Our guard and patrol vessels stay updated and have direct contact with vessels at anchor in ports where cables run ashore, making sure we do all we can to keep the world connected no matter what the weather!

Weather Watching To Keep The World Connected.

Imagine this. You're sound asleep, and outside, a storm is raging, the rain is battering your windows, and the wind is howling like the cry of a wolf. Good to know that someone somewhere within Seagard will have been aware of the weather and done all they can to stop any vessels dragging their anchors and damaging power and telecommunications cables, so you will still have power, internet and a phone connection in the morning when you wake up.

24/7 we keep the world connected.

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