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25 June 2019

First Principles.

Here at Seagard, we love firsts.

For three reasons.

Two of these reasons you'll probably know.

One - you may not.

You probably already know that Seagard was the first team in the world dedicated to monitoring the world's oceans for the sole purpose of damage prevention to marine assets.

And you probably know that the entire focus of our AssetMonitor technology is cable strike prevention. We identify risks - first. So cable strikes are minimised.

But there is a third, less known 'first' in our world, too.

Knowledge First.

Seagard is famous for it's expansive data, data analysis and in-depth knowledge of the world's ocean floor.

So much so that we are consulted by cable owners and developers even before cables are laid.

On many significant cable projects, Seagard is very often consulted - first.


Seagard has current, real-world knowledge of the safest places to actually lay cables.

We already know where the high risk areas are.

And the low risk areas too.

We can very often predict these things over time, too.

So it makes perfect sense for clients to get us involved - first.

Because forewarned means further minimising crippling cable strikes in the future - for you and your customers.

Seagard's services are available from the very early planning stage.

So if you really do want to put first things first - please email and we will get back to you.

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