SeaGard was formed to respond to the growing need for a dedicated marine asset monitoring and protection service. Using the most up to date technical software, combined with generations of maritime knowledge, SeaGard aims to be a world leader in marine asset protection. Our personnel use their knowledge to ensure all parties using the worlds oceans are aware of the risks surrounding any given asset. The sectors we operate in are vital for the function of the modern world. We take pride in knowing we are protecting these vital assets.


SeaGard services provide the first line of defence for the subsea telecommunications sector. The modern world relies heavily on high speed access to data via subsea fibre optic cables. It is vital these cables remain protected.
SeaGard services can be used to great affect in the energy sector. The supply of energy to markets relies heavily on the use of subsea infrastructure. It is vital that the offshore renewables sector, international energy grids and oil and gas sector remain connected.
SeaGard can provide services to help preserve the health of our Oceans. The diversity within the Worlds Oceans must be protected. We view our Oceans as an asset too. The modern world has to tackle problems daily with regards to pollution and habitat destruction, by monitoring controlled areas SeaGard can help alleviate certain issues.