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18 June 2019

Our Brands.

Family is important.

So, with that in mind, please meet our family.

We've created this 5 minute read to better explain the relationship between our UltraMAP, Seagard and AssetMonitor brands.

Here goes.


UltraMAP is a software development hub that is obsessively focused on security. We are niche, because we focus on the security off subsea assets.

Most notably, UltraMAP’s software is able to protect subsea cabling that connects and carries over 95% of the world's essential information. We protect these mission-critical assets from cable strikes by the world's extensive, expanding and constantly changing sea traffic.

Security In An Insecure World

UltraMAP aim for total protection - all of the time.

We sit at the hub of our overall offering that includes our Seagard and AssetMonitor brands.

UltraMAP is primarily a technology company. Yet, like all great brands, we put people first. We can and do discuss development needs with our customers. We are listening, and learning, constantly.


Fundamental to the group’s ongoing success, Seagard is best known as UltraMAP’s reliable, always-on, client-facing monitoring partner. We are the first team in the world that monitors the ocean floor for the sole purpose of damage prevention to marine assets.

Seagard also delivers a significant, physical, human interface to our monitoring services by combining intimate maritime knowledge and the provision of marine liaison and offshore services. Seagard is great at building relationships with new and existing clients. This friendly, expert interface is the main reason so many clients stay for so long.


AssetMonitor is UltraMAP's flagship software. It watches and protects subsea and surface assets live, overseen by Seagard's physical team, 24 hours a day – every day.

AssetMonitor is a uniquely innovative software solution, protecting billions of pounds worth of ocean based assets, for dozens of global companies.

So there we go.

From today, there is also a permanent reminder of the relationship between our brands - in the footer of this website.

Please scroll down and click OUR BRANDS to take a look.

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