Asset Charting
SeaGard will create a map of any marine asset within our unique monitoring software. Protection zones, equipped with relevant security based algorithms, will be created around the asset.
SeaGard will communicate directly with organisations and stakeholders operating near assets. SeaGard will ensure that any vessel operating around our clients assets are well informed of the potential risks.
SeaGard provides clients with a 24/7 monitoring service. Our dedicated monitoring software combined with our skilled personnel ensures a high level of security for our clients assets.
SeaGard will take action when an alert has been raised within a protection zone. This may involve direct communication with stakeholders. However with our built in knowledge, asset awareness and data analysis we can minimise the need for last minute action.
Data Analysis
The SeaGard system will collect all the relevant data with regards to an asset. This data will be stored and can be played back at a later date, it will also be used to develop a database of risks and trends.
Dynamic Plan
SeaGard will use all available knowledge and data to construct long term strategies to ensure assets are protected. This full system approach is unique to the industry.